DURAK Durafix Multi-Poly Indoor/Outdoor Thread (UV)

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Durafix is a high tenacity 100% polyester multifilament sewing thread. Durafix is a superior sewing thread with high resistance against high speed sewing, abrasion, chemical effects and external weather conditions. The threads are produced through doubling and spinning of high strength, circular section, and continuous polyester flat filament threads. The thread has a high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This thread has multiple industrial applications, in production of bedding & furniture; automotive & outdoor upholstery; garments; shoe making; bag manufacturing; saddlery etc. Our most widely used and versatile thread with largest colour range.

Available Thicknesses:

Metric 11tkt (Tex 295), Metric 20tkt (Tex 135), Metric 30tkt (Tex 80), Metric 40tkt (Tex 60), Metric 60tkt (Tex 45), Metric 80tkt (Tex 35)

Cone Size:

11tkt: 750m, 20tkt: 1500m, 30tkt: 2500m, 40tkt: 3000m, 60tkt: 16,000m, 80tkt: 22,500m

Colours Available:

91 colours

Recommended Needle Size:

11tkt: 160-200, 20tkt: 130-140, 30tkt: 110-130, 40tkt: 100-120, 60tkt: 90-110, 80tkt: 80-90


11tkt: 18,500cN, 20tkt: 9120cN, 30tkt: 5400cN, 40tkt: 4450cN, 60tkt: 3000cN, 80tkt: 2280cN


11tkt: 20-26%, 20tkt: 15-25%, 30tkt: 14-20%, 40tkt: 15-21%, 60tkt: 14-20%, 80tkt: 14-20%

Features & Benefits:

  • Semi-transparent structure
  • High-resistance and abrasion
  • Very high colour fastness
  • Excellent performance in high-speed machines with specific finishing treatment
  • Environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals used in manufacturing of threads
  • Appropriate elasticity
  • Resistant to most mineral acids
  • High resistance to shrinkage

Usage Areas:

  • General sewing thread for furniture and bedding
  • Automotive & Marine Trimming
  • Quilting
  • Embroidery thread for inlaid fantasy clothing
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Leather & Saddlery
  • Overlocking

Metric Ticket Count (Nm) = Number of hanks of 1000 metres/kg

Tex = Weight in grams of 1,000 metres