TensorGrip® L31 Mist-Pebble Fine Spray Laminate Adhesive (Canister)

TensorGrip® L31 Mist-Pebble Fine Spray Laminate Adhesive (Canister)
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TensorGrip® L31 is suitable for bonding HPL to a variety of substrates including MDF, chipboard, plywood and many other timber sheet materials. TensorGrip® L31 is designed for permanent bonding of materials where immediate bond strength and high heat resistance are required. TensorGrip® L31 can also be used for bonding sheet metals, where surface preparation is very important – surface must be degreased and lightly abraded with fine abrasive or non-woven material. ALWAYS test TensorGrip® L31 to determine suitability for your particular application prior to use in production. NOT RECOMMENDED for use with plasticised vinyls, flexible plastics, expanded/extruded polystyrene, PE or PP. Suitable for many postforming applications using most types of postforming equipment. Being in a pressurised canister makes it super portable and less noisy vs using the traditional spray gun pot and air compressor.

Developed For:

Designed to bond gloss and standard laminates and can be used for Postforming. High Gloss/Def Laminate, Standard Laminate, Veneers.


  • Fast Drying
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • High Solids
  • Suitable for Post-Forming
  • Easy Application Control
  • Hi-Performance Neoprene-based Resin
  • Portable and convenient

Technical Data:

  • 22L Portable Canister (17kg Net Weight)
  • Coverage Rate: 10.9m²/Litre (240m2 spray out area/120m2 of finished bonded product)
  • Total Solids: 27%
  • System Flammability: Flammable adhesive in flammable propellant
  • Dry Time: 1-2 mins (depending on temp. & humidity)
  • Open Time: 30 mins
  • Heat Resistance: High >115°C (25mm/100gram)

PLEASE NOTE: Freight surcharges may apply - UN3501 (Hazardous Goods Classification).