Spray-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

Spray-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

Transparent Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Transparent Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Brush-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

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This Brush-On contact adhesive is a heat resistant adhesive formulated at a consistency to be applied by brush or roller. It is used for bonding decorative laminates for cabinet making and shop fitting applications, for bonding polyurethane foam and fabrics in upholstery and bedding applications and a wide range of other materials including MDF & particleboard, timber, metal, concrete, glass and urethane foam.

Australian made with higher solids content making it suitable for applying with a standard brush without adhesive being too runny and soaking into foam.

Made in Australia



Pack Sizes:

1 Litre Tin & 4 Litre Tin

Technical Data

  • Application: Brush-On
  • Base: Polychloroprene rubber
  • Coverage Rate: 4m²/Litre
  • Evaporation Time: ~10 mins @ 20°C
  • Open Time: ~20 mins @ 20°C
  • Heat Resistance: High

PLEASE NOTE: Freight surcharges may apply - UN1133 (Flammable Liquid Hazchem 3).