Double Pivot Button Sets

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When a design calls for buttons on both sides of a pillow or cushion backs, etc – use our double pivot buttons. A joined pivot consists of two parts: The female part which is the single pivot back and the male part which is the pivot tack. You need to cover the PIVOT BACK as where you were covering a regular button (fabric over shell) then cover the PIVOT TACK. Although easily snapped together by hand pressure, the buttons hold tight. The PIVOT BACK has an internal spring metal that will hold the PIVOT TACK preventing the joined pivot from coming apart.

Shank Length:

12mm (½ inch) or 25mm (1 inch)

Available in American Sizing only:

  • Size 30L (approx 19mm button diameter)
  • Size 36L (approx 23mm button diameter)

Pack Size:

Boxes of 144 sets

The system used for measuring button sizes originates from an ancient French calculation that is called "Lignes" and should not be confused with millimetres.