Super Hook Nylon Back & Rust Resistant Shell Set (for Outdoor & Marine)

Super Hook Nylon Back & Rust Resistant Shell Set in NSW | Australia
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High quality nylon plastic buttons used for: reversible cushions, nonreversible cushions, tight seats, chair backs, bolsters, hassocks, etc. Fast installation, low cost, perfect tufting depth every time.


  • Button sits flat
  • Installs faster
  • Won’t ride up
  • No fraying
  • Extra holding power
  • Won’t work loose
  • Made from durable plastic for anti-rust

Available in American Sizing only:

  • Size 22L (approx 14mm button diameter)
  • Size 30L (approx 19mm button diameter)
  • Size 36L (approx 23mm button diameter)

Pack Size:

720 sets (720 rust resistant tops & 720 nylon super hook backs included)

The system used for measuring button sizes originates from an ancient French calculation that is called "Lignes" and should not be confused with millimetres.