WISS Leather & Belt Shears

How the WISS Leather & Belt Shears Australia controls the cut
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Quality made professional shears and snips by WISS since 1847.

Specially designed for cutting heavy leather or tough materials. One blade serrated to prevent slipping. Heavy construction, powerful leverage. Straight handles, enamelled black. Polished blades.
  • Finest quality cutlery steel
  • One blade serrated and other is edged
  • Black handle
  • Hot drop-forged nickel-plated blades
  • Hot drop-forged commercial finish
  • Patented SET-EASY® pivot


  • UPC: 037103240255
  • Tool Length: 216mm (8 ½ inch)
  • Blade Length: 86mm (3 inch)
  • Finish on Handles: Black
  • Point Style: Sharp
  • Weight: 391g
  • Catalog No.: W8BLT