Lightweight Stockinette Cover Material

Lightweight Stockinette Cover Material

H4000 Silicone Spray 300g

H4000 Silicone Spray 300g

Plastic Slipfilm (Vacuum Cushion Filling)

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Buy Plastic SlipFilm/SilkFilm for Vacuum cushion filling in Sydney, AU
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Description SlipFilm (also known as Silk Film) is a very fine noiseless plastic film used with vacuum cushion filling machines to make fitting foam cushions into a cover a breeze. Shrinking the original foam size by 70% it makes the insertion process easier as well as ensuring it is evenly filling the cover into the corners. This silk film is uniquely formulated to be silent unlike cheaper imitations meaning it will not make rustling sounds once inside the covers.

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Composition:

    EMA (Ethylene-Methyl Acrylate Copolymer)
  • Colour:

  • Thickness:

  • Widths Available:

    137cm (54 inch) or 152 cm (60 inch)
  • Roll Weight:

    Approx. 28kgs (61lbs)
  • Roll Length:

    137cm - Approx. 2000m / 152cm - Approx. 1800m