DURAK Duratex Textured Polyester Thread

DURAK Duratex Textured Polyester Thread| Sydney, Australia
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Quilting (Bobbin) Under Thread Durak Duratex is a 100% polyester continuous flament textured thread. The textured filaments give the thread a soft feel and make it ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort, especially in “next-to-skin” seams. It gives high extensibility and seam strength resulting in good seam security and low shrinkage characteristics, which ensures no seam distortion after washing.

Available Thicknesses:

Metric 90tkt (Tex 35)

Cone Size:


Colours Available:

White (Unbleached)

Recommended Needle Size:

80-100 (Metric) or 12-16 (Singer)





Features & Benefits:

  • Good seam coverage and softness for neat, comfortable seams
  • Low shrinkage characteristics ensure no seam distortion after washing
  • High level of colour fastness even in demanding washing conditions

Usage Areas:

  • Quilting
  • Overlocking
  • For comfort in all “next-to-skin” garments
  • Sportswear and leisurewear
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Household textiles

Metric Ticket Count (Nm) = Number of hanks of 1000 metres/kg

Tex = Weight in grams of 1,000 metres