OSBORNE Professional Button Replacement Tufting Needle #417

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Quality made professional upholstery tools by C.S. Osborne in the USA since 1826.

Osborne No. 417

The very best button replacement tool! This needle saves time and labour, there is no need to remove the outside back of the upholstered piece being tufted. A quality innovative craftsman's tool from C.S. Osborne. After threading button, end of needle is loaded with clasp. Needle is injected into the foam, then when maximum depth is met, clasp is ejected by pushing the plunger and anchoring itself behind foam. Pull the exposed twine to tie and attach the button on or off the tuft at the desired depth.


  • Overall time saving
  • Less effort. Clasps automatically ejected
  • Fewer stitches
  • No need to turn fabric to be tufted
  • Every tufting done from above
  • Avoids soiling which comes with repeated handling
  • Always a straight seem
  • Overall Length:

    300mm (12")
  • Weight:

    85g (3oz)


  1. At the start assemble on the twine the corresponding quantity of clasps for the required number of stitches. Insert clasp with twine in the hollow of the needle.
  2. Push needle (with inserted clasps and twine) through upholstery fabric, press head of needle. Clasp with twine will be ejected.
  3. Pull needle out and tighten twine, clasp will be anchored inside.

Clasps not included. Sold Separately.