OSBORNE Ventilator Setter #621

OSBORNE Ventilator Setter #621|Australia
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Quality made professional upholstery tools by C.S. Osborne in the USA since 1826.

Osborne No. 621 - 1" Hand Ventilator Setter

This hand ventilator setter is used for setting brass ventilators by hand. Also known as vents or breathers, these are grommets with small holes in the cap for airflow in denser materials like vinyl or leather.

Size Available:

1 inch (25.4mm)


  1. Punch 16mm (5/8") hole using Osborne Grommet Hole Cutter #5 or belt punch
  2. Lay Ventilator neck up on base
  3. Place material over ventilator
  4. Slip ventilator ring on bow side up
  5. A few even taps with a mallet will set ventilators.