ZIPA #5 Open Ended Spiral Zipper (with Auto-Lock Slider)

ZIPA #5 Open Ended Spiral Zipper (with Auto-Lock Slider) Sydney- Premier Group
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Open Ended Spiral Coil Zipper with Auto-Locking sliders/runners in various lengths. Open Ended Zippers are also known as finished zippers which can be separated, like the zipper on a jacket, and include a zipper slider, starter box, and top stops. Spiral Coil zippers are stronger and more flexible than Chunky Moulded zippers, making them an excellent choice for projects with curves. Commonly used on detatchable cushions, jackets, purses and bags. When used in outdoor applications, we recommend keeping the zipper covered to protect it from the sun and increase the life of the zipper.


  • Size: #5 (5mm)
  • Style: Spiral Coil
  • Type: Open Ended
  • Width of Tape: 30mm
  • Slider: Single Pull (one side) with Auto-Lock
  • Colours: Black only
  • Lengths Available: 41cm, 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 198cm