H35-200 Heavy Duty Density SEAT FOAM (Medium/Firm)

H35-200 Heavy Duty Density SEAT FOAM (Medium/Firm)

Foam Skin

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Full details of how foam skin sheets Australia get made

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A foam skin is a by-product as a result of making a bun of foam. It is a normal foam sheet with a skin/film on one side. A foam skin is taken from the top and bottom layer of the bun of foam, similar to the crust from a loaf of bread. Generally the thickness of these skins are no more than 25 to 50mm thick. The skins are a much more economical alternative to a regular sheet of foam and are great for all upholstery projects especially anything going up against a platform or wood due to its firm backing.

Typical Uses: General seating on sofas, upholstered bedheads/headboards, ottomans, reinforce and raise existing sloppy bases etc.

  • SHEET SIZE: 2100mm x 1900mm x 25-50mm (approx)