Poly Washer

Poly Washer

Metal Spring Washer (for Threaded Nails)

Metal Spring Washer (for Threaded Nails)

Button Mold BACKS (Threaded Nail)

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Premier Group Supplies Button Mold BACKS (Threaded Nail) NSW

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When anchored with a spring lock washer, the Threaded Nail is a fast, positive, alternative to prong tufting. Just the nail through the upholstered construction and fasten in on the back with a spring washer. Deep threads are designed so spring washer slides on easy, yet can’t pull off. Nail is rigidly welded to collect.

Shank Length:

38mm (1½ inch)

Available in U.S. Sizing only:

  • Size 22L (approx 14mm button diameter)
  • Size 30L (approx 19mm button diameter)
  • Size 36L (approx 23mm button diameter)

Pack Sizes:

100 pieces, 1000 pieces

The system used for measuring button sizes originates from an ancient French calculation that is called “Lignes” and should not be confused with millimetres.