COATS Gramax Bulk Polyester Overlocking Thread

COATS Gramax Bulk Polyester Overlocking Thread

Spun-Polyester Overlocking Thread

Spun-Polyester Overlocking Thread

COATS Helios P PTFE Thread Range (UV)

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COATS Helios P PTFE Thread Range Supplier| Australia
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Description The strongest PTFE thread on the market, offering superior chemical, heat and UV-resistance for products exposed to harsh weather conditions. Helios P is a high performance sewing thread, made from 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), offering excellent chemical, heat and UV-resistance. Helios P is suitable for use in the production of outdoor goods like awnings, boat covers, etc. which are exposed to the harsh environment (ultraviolet rays, rain, salt water etc.). Thanks to its unique properties Helios P is also an excellent solution for demanding filtration products. Helios P can resist temperatures of approx. 327° C Helios P has been designed with strength in mind. It is the strongest PTFE sewing thread made to date.

Available Thicknesses:

Metric 10tkt (450/6), Metric 18 tkt (560/3)


10tkt: 240 denier. 18tkt: 167 denier

Cone Size:

10tkt: 730mtrs (800yrds), 18tkt: 1280mtrs (1400yrds)

Colours Available:

Black or Clear

Recommended Needle Size:

10tkt: 160-200, 18tkt: 120-140


10tkt: 7840cN, 18tkt: 4500cN



Features & Benefits:

  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed to totally inert against chemical attack
  • Guaranteed to totally be resistant to degradation by UV
  • High tenacity and has excellent sewing performance
  • Resistant to most mineral acids
  • High resistance to alkalis
  • Maximum permanent heat resistance 260ºC

Usage Areas:

  • Automotive & Marine Trimming
  • Boat tops
  • Awnings
  • Sails
  • Sunshades and canopies
  • Outdoor furniture & goods
  • Demanding filtration products

Metric Ticket Count (Nm) = Number of hanks of 1000 metres/kg

Tex = Weight in grams of 1,000 metres