OSBORNE Plastic Handle Upholstery Regulator #520

OSBORNE Plastic Handle Upholstery Regulator #520

Metal Upholstery Regulator

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Best Metal Upholstery Regulator in Australia

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An upholstery regulator is an upholstery tool which smooths irregularities in the stuffing beneath the coverings.

Whilst it looks similar to a needle it is heavier; like needles the regulator comes in various gauges and lengths. It is used to poke through the various layers to adjust the stuffing before the final cover is put in place.

Types/Sizes Available:

  • 150mm (6 inch) x 6g HEAVY
  • 150mm (6 inch) x 9g MEDIUM
  • 200mm (8 inch) x 5g HEAVY
  • 200mm (8 inch) x 9g MEDIUM
  • 250mm (10 inch) x 5g HEAVY
  • 250mm (10 inch) x 8g MEDIUM
  • 300mm (12 inch) x 5g HEAVY
  • 300mm (12 inch) x 7g MEDIUM