Spray-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

High-Strength Spray-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive | Australia|
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A premium spray contact adhesive great in high temperature applications with fast initial grab used for bonding decorative laminates in cabinet making and shop fitting applications. It also bonds a wide range of other materials including MDF and particleboard, timber, metal, concrete, glass, and can be used for bonding cloth backed and polyester backed vinyl, leather, carpet and polyurethane foam in motor trimming and upholstery applications. Australian made with high solids content. N-Hexane free.


  • Excellent spray characteristics
  • High bond strengths
  • Heat resistant
  • Red colour available to identify applied areas
  • May be heat or solvent reactivated
  • Water resistant

Made in Australia

Technical Information:

  • Base: Polychloroprene rubber
  • Colour: Natural (clear) or Red
  • Pack Sizes: 1L, 4L, 20L, 200L (special order)
  • Coverage Rate: 6-8m²/Litre
  • Viscosity: 250-400CPS
  • Evaporation Time: 5-10 mins @ 20°C
  • Open Time: 10-15 mins @ 20°C
  • Tack Time: ~2 hours @ 20°C
  • Heat Resistance: High >105°C


  • Coverage rate, evaporation time, open time and press time are dependent on type of materials to be bonded as well as workshop conditions such as temperature and humidity
  • Do not use below 10°C as condensed water may form on the adhesive film and prevent bonding
  • Apply adhesive evenly to both surfaces with spray gun
  • Allow adhesive to evaporate until it is no longer tacky to touch
  • Join surfaces before end of open time
  • Apply as much pressure as possible to obtain optimum bond strength

PLEASE NOTE: Freight surcharges may apply - UN1294 (Flammable Liquid Hazchem 3).

For information and advice on the safe handling, first aid, storage and disposal of chemical products, users must refer to the most recent Safety Data Sheet (SDS).