Set Design & Film Industry


Premier Group has been supplying wholesale furniture components and industrial supplies since 1994. Over the years, as the film and television production industry in Australia has expanded, we have been relied on to supply Australia’s most prestigious productions with materials for their set design, art direction and costume departments.

Many furniture components and soft furnishing products easily cross-over for design and creative production requirements. Our decorative trimming ranges including gimp, trims, braid, decorative nails and buttons, all can be used to add interest, realism and decorative features to set design; whether it be on screen or stage. As a leading wholesale supplier and converter of Australian made Foam, Premier Group stocks an extensive range of open cell and closed cell foam and foam products. Our foam sheets, foam rolls, foam profiles and custom cut foam cushions have been used in a number of set design and film and television production applications, from crash mats and protective foam on reality shows and game shows, to foam for stunt work on large action film productions. Our removalist felt, polyester fibre and other filling materials have been used to protect production sets, props and other production equipment during pre-production, storage and filming.

Busy production, art direction and costume departments rely on our team’s unmatched technical knowledge, fantastic customer service and reliable stock holdings. We can meet tight deadlines for pick up from our Sydney showroom and warehouse, as well as arrange expedited delivery throughout Australia. Please contact our friendly team and we would be happy to discuss your unique set design requirements.


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