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Product Demos
RO-MA ECOTAK Electric Staple & Nail Gun (53/14B)
RO-MA Electric Staple Gun (ME80)
RO-MA Electric Staple & Nail Gun (LKT80)
RAPIDCUT Cordless Electric Scissors (Rechargeable) XG04
RAPIDCUT Foam Rubber Cutter Dual Blade (RC01)
Klinch-It Tool & Fasteners in operation
An Introduction To The TensorGrip System
How 2 Bond Foam To Foam With TensorGrip F31
How 2 Bond Acoustic Panel To Brick With TensorGrip X40
How 2 Bond Polystyrene With TensorGrip F40
How 2 Bond Fabric To Foam With TensorGrip F20
How 2 Bond Laminate To MDF With TensorGrip L17
How 2 Bond Melamine To Melamine With TensorGrip L32
How 2 Bond Laminate To Particle Board With TensorGrip L10N
How 2 Bond Bender Board With TensorGrip L12
Pneumatic Clinch Clipping Tool for wire products (Furniture & Bedding)
Pneumatic Auto-Feed Deco-Nailer (for loose decorative upholstery nails)
TUF UltraClinch Clipping Tool #M-65
OKE Blind-Seam "H" Profile (Double Piping & Backtacking)