Building & Construction


As a leading Australian foam supplier and converter, Premier Group has been a supplier of industrial products and foam solutions to the building, construction and allied industries since 1994. Premier Group offers a diverse range of foam types to the building and construction industries (including closed cell EVA, PE, EPE, open cell, convoluted, polyurethane and reticulated polyether foam). Our foam range is offered as sheets, rolls, ready-made profiles and products or alternatively cut to your unique specifications and dimensions.

From foam for expansion joints, caulking strips, foam pipe plugs, insulation and sound proofing. To renderers foam sponge, insulation foil and construction grade adhesives. Our range of building and construction industrial products has been carefully sourced and arranged to provide high quality materials and solutions to the Australian building and construction industry. With enviable stock holdings and state of the art converting equipment, our experienced team offers the trusted ‘know-how’ and efficient service, needed to get products delivered on tight commercial deadlines. Our fully stocked Sydney warehouse and distribution centre has reliable stock holdings and production capacity. With options for collection or courier transport within the Sydney region as well as around Australia via our trusted freight and distribution partners.


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