IXPE Closed Cell Polyolefin Foam Sheet

Why you need to use IXPE closed cell foam sheet Australia
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IXPE (also known as XPE and XLPE) is a cross-linked closed cell Polyolefin foam from the Polyethylene family. It is made in Australia via extrusion in sheets/planks or continuous rolls resulting in a foam product with uniform closed cells. It is lightweight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong and resilient for impact absorption. It is also resistant to moisture, many chemicals and extreme temperatures. Used in a variety of applications in construction, industrial, automotive and marine industries.

The sheets are 2000mmx1000mm in 25mm or 50mm thicknesses only. With a low thermal conductivity, almost zero vapour permeability, fast and simple installation and trouble-free operation in a variety of internal and external environments.


  • Acoustic insulation & vibration dampening, foam seals & gaskets, upholstery, wall panels, machine enclosures, impact absorption, concrete expansion joints & gap filling, packaging, and many more.


  • Made in Australia
  • Reliable and durable performance
  • Made with fire retardant additives with a self-extinguishing feature
  • Flexible and Compressible - will not break or crack when used around curves or columns
  • Excellent Heat Insulation
  • Low Thermal Conductivity (k=0.032 W/mK @ 20°C)
  • Effective Sound Dampener - reduces and deadens transmission of airborne and structural noise providing a quieter environment
  • Non-absorbent and impervious to most liquids & chemicals - including detergents, dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols, ketones, esters, fungi
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy to cut and drill on-site
  • No Health Hazards – safe to handle - does not emit fibres or dust

Technical Specifications:

  • Foam Type: Closed Cell
  • Cross-Linked: Physically (Irradiation)
  • Chemical Family: Polyethylene
  • Density: 28kg/m³ (foam core only)
  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Tensile Strength: 23.02psi
  • Elongation: 107.96%
  • Tear Resistance: 0.49 kg/cm
  • Resiliency Test: 53%
  • Compression Set @ 50%: 62.75%
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.032 W/mK @ 20°C
  • Water Absorption: Below 0.02 g/cm2
  • Working Temperature: -70°C to +90°C
  • Compression Strength: 0.35kg/cm2 @ 25%
  • Noise Reduction: 200Hz: 3.0 dB, 400Hz: 4.0 dB
  • Sheet Size: 2000x1000mm
  • Thickness: 25mm or 50mm

Other sizes may be available on request. Minimum quantities and extra lead-times may apply.