OSBORNE U-Cut Foam Cutter & Slicer #410

OSBORNE U-Cut Foam Cutter & Slicer #410 | Upholstery Supply in Australia
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Quality made professional upholstery tools by C.S. Osborne in the USA since 1826.

Osborne No. 410

The Osborne U-Cut No. 410 is a fast and flexible tool for horizontal straight or wedge cutting of polyurethane foam foams.


  • Provides a straight consistent cut on foam sheets.
  • The U-Cut is great for proto-typing and small furniture jobs.
  • The desired cutting thickness is quickly obtained by means of an adjustable screw setting.
  • The U-Cut will cut from a minimum thickness of 6mm to a maximum thickness of 230mm.
  • Material up to 910mm in width and unlimited length can be processed.
  • Scrap can be glued, salvage and re-cut.


  • Place U-Cut on a flat surface with the slab of material to be cut.
  • The operator then merely pushes and pulls the U-Cut in a saw-like action making wedges, curves, arcs and other special shapes.
  • Best results are obtained by working on a smooth surface.
  • Hold the material in place with a piece of plywood, either by hand or with a weight. Supply enough pressure to prevent the foam from moving, but not enought to compress it so it will expand again after cutting. If a sheet of plywood is not used, the cut is unlikely to be uneven.
  • When starting the cut it will be easier to angle into one corner first, rather than trying to start the sut across the whole face.

Extra blades sold separately - OSBORNE No. 410-B