Brush-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

Brush-On Hi-Temp Contact Adhesive (Drum)

Woodworking PVA Adhesive (High Viscosity)

Woodworking PVA Adhesive (High Viscosity)

Transparent Hot Melt Glue Sticks

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High Tack industrial grade EVA based hot melt glue sticks used for a variety of applications suitable for bonding plastic, fabric, metal, wood, ceramic paper and cardboard. It bonds well to a many substrates and has good impact resistance. It has a long open time and is slow setting. Commonly used in the furniture industry for fixing braid and decorative trimmings in place.

  • Length:

  • Colour:

  • Diameter:

  • R&B Softening Pt:

  • Odour:

    Very low
  • Viscosity:

    13,500cps @ 170°C
  • Open Time:

    45-50 sec @ 170°C
  • Set Time:

    15-20 sec @ 170°C
  • Pack Sizes:

  • Each (Per glue stick),
  • 1kg Pack (approx 35 glue sticks),
  • 25kg Box (approx 875 glue sticks)