DURAK Poly-Strong PC Corespun Poly-Cotton Thread

DURAK Poly-Strong PC Corespun Poly-Cotton Thread| Sydney, Australia
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Quilting Tape Edge Thread DURAK Poly-Strong®PC poly-cotton threads, are the excellent sewing threads providing optimum seam performance by its high strength and structural properties. The cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat even in the most demanding of applications.

Available Thicknesses:

Metric 50tkt (Tex 60)

Cone Size:


Colours Available:

White (Unbleached)

Recommended Needle Size:

100-120 (Metric) or 16-19 (Singer)





Features & Benefits:

  • Corespun thread that couples the high tenacity of a polyester filament core with a cotton wrap, delivering the sewing performance of a continuous filament thread, yet providing the appearance of cotton
  • Cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat generated during high speed sewing, thus preserving the thread’s strength
  • In wet, outdoor conditions, cotton wrap absorbs the water and swells to fill the needle holes completely to prevent leakage
  • Controlled stretch characteristics yield excellent sewability with tight, firm stitches on multiple leather surfaces

Usage Areas:

  • Quilting Tape Edge
  • Upholstery
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Shoes & Handbags
  • Leather & Saddlery
  • Overlocking

Metric Ticket Count (Nm) = Number of hanks of 1000 metres/kg

Tex = Weight in grams of 1,000 metres