Curved Single Round Point Needle

Made in Germany Curved Single Round Point Needle Australia - Premier Group
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Premium nickel plated curved upholsterer's needles available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.


Sizes Available:

PLEASE NOTE: Length is measured from eye to point of needle going around the curve.

Light/Medium Gauge:

  • 50mm (2 inch) x 19g
  • 64mm (2½ inch) x 18g
  • 114mm (4½ inch) x 17g

Heavy Gauge:

  • 50mm (2 inch) x 17g
  • 64mm (2½ inch) x 17g
  • 75mm (3 inch) x 16g
  • 89mm (3½ inch) x 16g
  • 100mm (4 inch) x 15g
  • 125mm (5 inch) x 14g
  • 150mm (6 inch) x 14g
  • 175mm (7 inch) x 14g
  • 200mm (8 inch) x 13g