ZIPA #10 *Plastic* Chunky Zipper Sliders - DOUBLE PULL

ZIPA #10


Chunky Zipper Sliders - DOUBLE PULL NSW - Premier Group
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PLASTIC (Delrin) Non-Lock zipper sliders/runners to suit our #10 continuous chunky moulded zipper chain. Made from Delrin plastic, this slider will not corrode and is resistant to UV rays. Double Pull tab is for use when access is needed from both sides in applications like tents, boat covers and sleeping bags etc.


  • Size: #10 (10mm)
  • Style: Chunky Moulded
  • Type: Non-Lock (double pull)
  • Composition: Delrin (acetal/plastic)
  • Colours: Black, White
  • Package Size: Loose (per slider), Pack of 100, Pack of 1000

Continuous zipper sold separately