OSBORNE #10 Chunky Zipper Stops (Stainless Steel) #1013

OSBORNE Zipper Stops (Stainless Steel) #1013 NSW - Premier Furniture Supplies
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Zipper Stops (Stainless Steel) Osborne No. 1013

Size #10 stainless steel zipper stops for use with the C.S. Osborne 1012 Zipper Stop Pliers on chunky moulded zipper. Applied to both sides of the zipper tape to stop the slider from coming off when you have shortened a zipper or using a continuous zipper.


Cut the zipper to length leaving one extra tooth attached. Place the zipper stop over the second to last zipper tooth. This gives the zipper stop extra strength. Then Crimp the open end of the zipper stop with zipper stop pliers or regular pliers, being carefull not to damage the tooth. Then repeat the same process for the other side of the zipper. Designed for any #10 chunky zipper. Two are required — one for each side of the zipper.

Available in Packs of 10 or 100.